Windsor Makes Me Feel At Home

by meghanhorvath

As I stood with my hand clenching the stanchion inside the London tube after an early evening of salted peanuts and cosmopolitans, the supportive friend across from me said:

“Let’s face it, I thought this was a bad idea from the start!”

We were discussing how I could spin the story of my impending failure, that after vowing – publicly! – to watch 365 films this year, having now only clocked a mere 103, I was staring defeat squarely in the face.

“But I did finish 4 short films in the last 4 months!” I said, building my defense, brick by lonely brick.

My supportive friend made a (bad) joke about moral fibre.

My anxiety worsened. It was mid-throat level now. I should not have abandoned my home projector for a Hollywood-inspired evening in The Criterion in Piccadilly Circus.

But then there was that moment that can only come while in the depths of true despair. I realised that if I were to get extremely technical, all was not lost. I remembered just then that the date of my first blog post about this cinematic adventure was 29 March 2014.

Which meant there were still 4 more months to recover my dream!

I’ll still have to carefully negotiate the eternal tension between watching life and living it, but it’s been an insightful if not bumpy process so far.

In this last batch of films I have learned that:

My tolerance for Hollywood romantic comedies is now at near zero. Even when in the mood for a “light” film on a trans-Atlantic flight these still cannot hold my attention. A film with a vomit scene will generally not be good. And finally, when I see the Windsor font come on screen at the beginning of a Woody Allen film, I feel incredibly nostalgic, and at home.

Without further ado, my latest adventures on screen:

84.) Moon directed by Duncan Jones

85.) Zero Theorem by Terry Gilliam

86.) Funny People directed by Judd Apatow

87.) Finding Vivian Maier directed by John Maloof and Charles Siskel

88.) The Other Woman directed by Nick Cassavetes

89.) Like Father, Like Son directed by Hirokazu Koreeda

90.) Magic In The Moonlight directed by Woody Allen

91.) Casa Grande by Fellipe Barbosa

92.) Laura by Fellipe Barbosa

93.) Love Is All You Need by Susanne Bier

94.) A Late Quartet directed by Yaron Zilberman

95.) The Notorious Bettie Page by Mary Harron

96.) Manhattan by Woody Allen

97.) 2001 Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick

98.) Bobby Fischer Against The World directed by Liz Garbus

99.) Guilty Pleasures directed by Julie Moggan

100.) Corridor 8 directed by Boris Despodov

101.) Thanks For Sharing directed by Stuart Blumberg

102.) We Steal Secrets directed by Alex Gibney

103.) Dallas Buyer’s Club directed by Jean-Marc Vallée