Off to Sheffield

by meghanhorvath

Manick in the Forest

(still from The Public Life of Manick G.)

It’s going to be a long day.

With only 3 hours’ sleep and a wake up call at 5 am it’s no wonder I left my glasses on the bedside table, which means I’ve been forced to inappropriately wear my prescription sunglasses under this sky of Grey. And, just a moment ago, I clumsily knocked my newly fixed laptop down to the floor from the not-fit-for-purpose table folded down from the back of the train seat in front of me.

But things are bound to get better as I am heading North to Sheffield for my fourth visit to the always exhilarating but exhausting DocFest! In these years I’ve come to realise that film festivals breed an anxiety not dissimilar to life with their schedules packed with far too many enticing choices and only so many hours in the day. But what makes this trip that much sweeter is that The Public Life of Manick G. ( make its premiere at the Odeon on Sunday and a colleague and I have been chosen to develop a new project within the British-Mexican Docunexion programme.

If you have read this far you might have worked out that I didn’t make my 365-films-in-a-year goal. There were times when I believed the feat was possible but in the end, life and the practice of film, intervened. I’m hoping the aforementioned enticing film schedule should help me make up some good ground over the next 5 days!

Finally, some films I have seen in the past few weeks in my last bid to rack up my numbers:

Virunga (Netflix) – a powerful and courageous documentary set in the Congo
Cake – Jennifer Aniston impressive in this haunting film
Gone Girl – I resisted this film for so long but it did make a transatlantic flight much faster
Catch Me Daddy – I tried but failed to watch this on the way back from the US. I appreciated the cinematography but the story took too long to get started and I wanted more emphasis on the female. I wanted it to feel more her story
This is Where I Leave You – surprisingly watchable comedy with Tina Fey
The New Girlfriend (in the cinema) – the latest Ozon, really good
Bad Hair (on Mubi) slow-paced but moving Venezuelan film about a young boy
Birdman – worried during the first 10 minutes that this film was not going to be for me but it didn’t take much longer to fall in love with the script, acting and the genius mind of Iñárritu.

Coming soon, more news from Sheffield…